Programs & Curriculum

Our Programs

The first few years of a child’s life represents a very active period of growing and developing. Friday’s Child strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment that gives your child the opportunity to build trust, confidence, and love. Friday’s Child focuses on promoting development in the following areas: social, creative, physical, cognitive, language and emotional.

Communication between the parents and the staff is akid_dectectivesn intricate part of caring for our children. We try to keep the children’s routines and environment at Friday’s Child as similar to their home environment and schedule as possible. We have an open door policy for parents and guardians, speak with the parents daily and keep daily records of your child’s eating, lavatory, and sleeping practices throughout the day. Baby Grams and Toddler Grams are provided to the infant and toddler parents to take home at the end of each day. Developmental folders are completed regularly to provide the staff and parents with an idea of concepts the child may need help with.  Our program is a nice mixture of academics and play.  We encourage the children to use their imagination and creativity to complete their tasks and we use every one of those experiences as a learning tool.

Our Curriculum

We are excited to complement our current-theme based curriculum with the Mother Goose Time Curriculum, which provides theme-based books, ideas, and activities for the teachers to utilize in the classroom. We will supplement the broader monthly theme with weekly sub-themes, which will be followed in each classroom. The teachers incorporate the themes in daily songs, books, art, and other activities to enhance learning.

Schedules in the Infant room are more needs based while schedules in the older children’s rooms are group based with one on one attention. All of our activities are based on the child’s age and development. A typical day in the classrooms would consist of 20-50 minutes of circle time, multiple story time sessions throughout the day, music exploration, art, exercise time and movement, outside time, and center play time where the children can explore centers on their own. The children also have two snacks, a lunch (provided by the parents) and a quiet/nap time.

Although subject to change, you can view our curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year below.

Themes 2017-2018 - Sept 2017 - Aug 2018